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Global Sourcing
A profound shift is underway in the CIO suite. After years of cost containment and zero growth IT budgets, firms are realizing that there is no more effective way to spur growth than by leveraging IT to expand market share. Many of these organizations are also in the ongoing cycle of harnessing technology to streamline processes and squeeze costs.

The challenge? Can organizations initiate and implement projects that yield a tangible contribution? Can aggressive business timelines be met? In a tight market, can the right talent be accessed at the right price to justify these projects?

Offshore outsourcing was presented as the panacea, a value enhancer to help organizations streamline their IT initiatives at a significant cost advantage. Some organizations tried the concept but with limited success. Others didn‘t even try.

This is where Inforica stepped in. We made a substantial investment in architecting a Global Sourcing model called iFusion™. Designed from the ground up, iFusion™ offers you the best of both worlds by combining the immediacy and trust of a local consulting partner with tangible cost savings (30%—40%) of an offshore development model.

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