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PeopleSoft Services

PeopleSoft Services

Whether you are implementing new PeopleSoft modules or are planning to upgrade to the latest version, Inforica can help you analyze your current processes and identify the features and functionality that will maximize your PeopleSoft investment. Using our established methodologies, we design and customize our services around your needs to provide you with an optimal solution.

Implementation Services

When you make the decision to implement PeopleSoft, you are making a long-term investment. Your goal is to streamline your business processes to attain higher efficiencies. Inforica can help you get there by re-engineering the underlying technology components and aligning them with the direct needs of the business. Our project methodology, coupled with our extensive experience with some of the largest firms in Canada, makes us the ideal partner to ensure the success of your project.

Upgrade Services

When making the decision to upgrade your existing PeopleSoft version, your main objective is to boost your organization's productivity by exploiting the latest technical functionality. An experienced service provider like Inforica can make this task very simple and painless. Our expertise in Financial Management, Human Resources, Student Administration, CRM and portals coupled with our Upgrade Service Roadmaps mean that we will have your systems up and running on time and on budget.

PeopleSoft Support Services

Like any large ERP system, PeopleSoft Support costs is an area that require the constant attention of your IT department. Over the years we have worked with a wide range of PeopleSoft clients and identified several common threads in the support issues they face:

  • Frequent upgrades
  • Difficult to keep up with bundles, fixes and patches
  • Lack of internal skills and resources coupled with risks associated with key personnel dependency
  • Exponential increase in staff size due to wide range of skills required
  • Challenges of attracting and retaining skilled staff
  • Complexity, cost and risk of buying fragmented external PeopleSoft resources
  • Speed of response to business needs in an increasingly complex PeopleSoft technical environment

Our Services

If these issues resonate with you, Inforica can help you address them. As a leading PeopleSoft focused firm in Canada, Inforica has responded to the market by developing a PeopleSoft Support offering that addresses common client challenges in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Our service offering includes:

  • Managed Application Support Services
  • Patches and Fixes
  • Staff Project Augmentation

Using our highly skilled and experienced resources you can deploy and maintain PeopleSoft systems while avoiding additional IT hiring and training expenses We help you minimize downtime and enhance customer service by enabling your internal resources to renew their focus on strategic business activities and maintaining customer loyalty. You receive a range of services from Inforica while having a single point of accountability. Our support solutions have been tested and proven in some of the best organizations in the country.




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