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Business Process Outsourcing

The Inforica BPO is an end to end, Facility Management, Meter Data Management and Utility Billing solution. The Inforica Process, Project Management and Energy Management Analytical staff is located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada; and the Data entry, QA level 1 and 2 and Reporting staff is based in Hyderabad India. With this blend of Resource allocation, Inforica is able to offer North American and Middle Eastern clients an affordable rate per invoice backed with 100% professional deliverables and SLA’s.

Data Collection Process

Inforica can bring in Clients Historical or current Utility bills (Mail, E-Bills or EDI’s) into its EMS system and through its Online client portal provide all costs and consumption in granular detail thereby providing the customer with awareness on their energy consumption patterns. We also manage the Payment system on behalf of the clients. If Customers have invested in any 3rd party Sub metering system, Inforica can aggregate these data sources through standard API’s or HTML web Interfaces using their aggregator and accelerator software.  
The Data is automatically acquired, cleansed and warehoused. Personalized, browser-based dashboards and visualization and predictability utilities help you accurately monitor, validate, predict and ultimately control all energy-related expenses and risks to reliability

  • True enterprise-level software architecture - Data quality assurance, data warehouse, web framework
  • Web Portal - Personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, charts, trends, real-time conditions
  • Reporting Engine - Rich and customized content, support for complex data and graphics, scheduled distribution
  • Trend Analysis - Advanced visualization, dimensional analysis, prediction, statistical rollups
  • Energy Modeling - Regression analysis, normalization, correlation, integration of all relevant drivers and contextual data
  • Bill Analysis - Built-in rate engine with rate wizard
  • Emissions Reporting - Reports on energy-related emissions from direct and indirect sources, aggregates all locations, breakdowns by fuel type, compares performance of business units, regions, buildings, facilities, departments
  • Cost Allocation - Allocates energy costs for all utility types by facilities, region, for user-defined time periods
  • Integration - Import data for all consumption types  (water, air, gas, electricity, steam)

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