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Contact Centre Solutions

Unified business communications for the contact centre

A communications platform should make your contact centre a service powerhouse. But power requires flexibility — and innovation — for the multi-channel agility you need to respond to customer demands.

Customer Interaction centre (CIC) gives your contact centre a single IP communications platform, offered on-premise or as a hosted service, that's both innovative and agile. Our contact centre solution is innovative in its all-in-one, open standards architecture for multi-channel interactions as well as SIP and VoIP. Agile in its unified application suite for every aspect of the customer experience. And complete… in that you get everything required in a contact centre solution to improve performance throughout your operation
• IVR & self service automation
• Outbound dialing
• Agent scoring

• ACD/multimedia queuing
• Knowledge management
• Multimedia recording
• Multi-site routing
• Quality monitoring & reporting
• Workforce management (WFM)
• Screen recording
• Customer Satisfaction Surveys

When it comes to your customers, building a better experience around them gives you the ultimate advantage. Our all-in-one contact centre solution lets you make each customer’s experience an exceptional one. 

CaaS or premise-based contact centre solution

Different contact centres have different needs. Interactive Intelligence helps you pick the right contact centre solution by offering our all-in-one solution as either a premise-based solution or as an on-demand Communications as a Service (CaaS) offering, both easily scalable from 25 - 5,000 agents. Your choice.

Key benefits 

Imagine your contact centre solution as a single, all-in-one platform that blends all media types with your business rules in one unified system. Now envision it allowing your contact centre to do all this.

  • Manage and blend inbound/outbound multi-channel interactions
  • Automate multimedia routing and queuing processes
  • Create revenue-producing outbound campaigns
  • Improve training, agent performance, remote agents included
  • Elevate service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Use metrics to increase the accuracy of forecasts and schedules
  • Simplify administration in a single, central environment
  • Unify communications on the desktop
  • Connect multi-site operations with a single platform
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